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Aug 20,  · iRobot’s Roomba e5 is a powerful robot vacuum with strong suction, long battery life, and support for app control and voice commands, but it doesn’t stand out against the competition. Feb 15,  · Reviews. iRoot, formerly VRoot, is a free one click Android rooting tool working over 15K + Android process can be made using a Windows PC or with the iRoot APK. Download Best iRoot Alternative. Here we go, iRoot Alternatives and Similar Software. You can take one of this best alternative app for iRoot on below. Make sure to select the app that suitable with your PC Operating 2/5(24). iRoot is a powerful one-click Android rooting tool for Windows computers (iRoot for Windows) and Android devices (iRoot APK). Using iRoot, you can quickly and easily gain root privileges on your Android smartphone or ted Reading Time: 1 min.


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Aug 20,  · iRobot’s Roomba e5 is a powerful robot vacuum with strong suction, long battery life, and support for app control and voice commands, but it doesn’t stand out against the competition. iRoot is the easiest and fastest Android rooting software. Just with one click, you can get a customizable and handy Android device in hand. iRoot is a powerful one-click Android rooting tool for Windows computers (iRoot for Windows) and Android devices (iRoot APK). Using iRoot, you can quickly and easily gain root privileges on your Android smartphone or ted Reading Time: 1 min.
KingRoot Review – Is Kingroot safe To Root Android Device?
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Feel free to post support questions, methods, news, etc! For more details on the rules as stated above, visit our rules page. Repeat offenders will be banned at the discretion of the moderators. Hello everyone! I’d thought I’d make this sticky post to remind you that common one click root apps are known as spyware throughout the community.

They gain root access and install bloat on your device. While some people plan to replace these with something such as SuperSU after using them, this method can’t be trusted as they still had root access. If you used these it is suggested you flash the stock image for your device. I’d also like to say that whenever one of the 3 programs are now mentioned, AutoMod will automatically comment something similar to what I wrote above.

Sorry this is short but I wrote it during my school lunch period which is about to end. Edit: I will also like to add that SuperSU is no longer really trusted. As Chainfire has sold it and is no longer involved in its development. It is still more trustworthy than KingRoot and those apps, but people mainly use Magisk now.

You should probably add a note that SuperSU is no longer considered trustworthy by the community, now that Chainfire is no longer involved in its development and its completely under CCMT. It still seems to be seen as more trustworthy than KingRoot.

Generally, no. Normally one click root apps rely on an exploit to get root. On older Android versions there were some trusted one click root apps such as Towelroot, however these have fallen out of fashion as the exploits have been patched awhile ago. However some related apps do still exist today, for example SunShine is a very useful exploit that is still used today. No to be that guy but is there any evidence that using these apps to root leave something like malware or spyware on your device even after you replace their super su and uninstall all their apps?

SuperSU used to be a very trustworthy root program made by the developer Chainfire. They claim to be in the US however that claim doesn’t seem true. As Chainfire’s involvement in the project is pretty much gone now, SuperSU can’t really been trusted anyway. Because of this the community has put SuperSU aside in favor of other root programs such as Magisk. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. It’s a matter of theory, with root access it could easily have injected something somewhere where the standard ways of replacing it with SuperSU won’t find it.

And whether it does this or not is unknown, but it still shouldn’t be done. If someone wants root and they’re not willing to do it properly and use a PC for it, then they shouldn’t have root. Some people just don’t have access to a pc with admin. Kingroot was a life saver for me two or three years ago I did remove it in favor of supersu.

These apps and apps like them are known throughout the community as spyware and should NOT be used except for special circumstances. If you have used one of these apps it is strongly recommended that you flash the factory image for your device. Even if you plan to replace it with another app such as SuperSU, it cannot be trusted as it has already been given root access. Root isn’t necessary for your phone to work. And most of the time you don’t need admin privileges on the PC, so a library computer should work.

The people that don’t have a personal computer and exclusively use a smart phone in their life are the ones that need the control that root affords the most. Not really. There isn’t much that you absolutely need to do that can’t be done without root. Plus, everyone should have access to a computer these days. If they don’t own one then they can most likely borrow access to one nearby.

You don’t need to own a PC to properly root, you just need access to one. You shouldn’t be using any “app” to root. If you used KingRoot, flash the stock image for your device. Can u help me too? I have an honor 8 with an unlocked bootloader, but idk what to do next. I have king root installed, but the roots failed with it. Should I uninstall kr? Considering the content of this post and the bot’s reply. I’m fairly certain the answer to this is an obvious yes.

You’re bootloader is unlocked. I suggest backing up with TWRP first. Are you still active? Do you know any proper guide on how to do what you’ve mentioned? Is RootJunky a reliable source for example? Rooting as ‘properly’ as possible a Samsung J7 I’m far from a tech illiterate but I just don’t have any knowledge of rooting. So in your opinion Magisk is safe? But I’m kinda wondering whether is it safe after we heard so many things about China’s shady business in collecting private user data anonymously.

Magisk is an app by Chinese developer who happens to be in Military. On top off that each and everyone knows everything is controlled by Govt. So how is Magisk not being monitored by Chinese govt. If it is getting monitored then or devices are getting monitored by Chinese govt. Also most of the one click root solutions mentioned above are from China I guess. The apps that streak user data like uc browser, es file explorer majority of them are from China.

These apps use permissions they don’t need to fetch the user data anonymously and share with their servers without the consent of user.

Magisk being root solution gets access to everything in my device, top to bottom. May be I’m not well informed and you guys can enlighten me on this issue. Thanks hope every Magisk fan will understand. First off, topjohnwu is in Taiwan, not China.

And anyway your points are pretty much invalid because this is not at all like apps like ES Explorer, UC Browser, etc. Those apps are closed source, from a shady company, etc.

Magisk is completely different. First off it’s open-source so it can be audited for anything bad, and second off instead of some shady company making it with the purpose of making money, it’s just a single developer making it as a passion project for a community.

So clearly I was informed that topjohnwu is Chinese, which is a false information according to you. So that clears my doubt about that.

Also didn’t know that it is open-source. Thanks for information. Honestly devices like these usually come with spyware anyway, so I would just throw it out. But anyway you can flash the stock image to remove KingRoot. If you can’t find the stock image, then I especially suggest the trash can. I found a tutorial from an user on XDA to root that phone that implies using Python and pretty much doing a factory reset, but it isn’t even for my exact model.

Are there any other trustworthy methods that may work? You have some crappy, random, unpopular device with what looks like there is no development for.

The Python script is worth a shot I guess. Obviously there’s the small risk the app lied and just planted spyware. I can’t speak about whether it does this or not though. What is the safest way to root? Kingroot used to be good, now it it’s basically an adware. Anyone know a great program for rooting? What exactly do you mean by “program”? I have a cheap Chinese Android Tablet that I rooted with KingoRoot, I would restore it with a factory image, but there is none that I can find on the internet.

Anyone know of a custom firmware or a factory image that would work? The model number is CMP Generally I suggest to throw those things out as they are more of a lost cause than anything else. And there’s also a good chance it’s been preloaded with spyware from the start.

This is really unfortunate to because it’s such a big waste of hardware. It’s technically useable if you sandbox it enough. But at the price they’re sold at I doubt it’s worth it to just not get a brand name tablet.