Mimics terraria.Hallowed Mimic

Mimics terraria.Hallowed Mimic


Mimics terraria


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The Corrupt Mimic is a miniboss that spawns rarely in the Underground Corruption. It can be spawned by putting a Key of Night into any empty chest. The chest will then turn into a Corrupt Mimic in a world that contains the Corruption. It is a bigger, more offensive Mimic. The Hallowed Mimic is a miniboss that spawns rarely in the Underground Hallow. They can also be spawned by putting a Key of Light into any chest. The chest will then turn into a Hallowed Mimic. Feb 23,  · If you have a Hellbridge you can try to obtain spider gear and then farm mimics in the Underworld. The only thing you should care about is standing on a place that about 40 blocks above the bridge so the Mimics can spawn, then your spiders slay them.(Or you can use Pirate Staff).


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The Crimson Mimic is a miniboss that spawns rarely in the Underground Crimson. They can also be spawned by putting a Key of Night into any empty chest. The chest will then turn into a Crimson Mimic in a hardmode world that contains the Crimson. They can be . Dec 31,  · Hallowed Mimic The Key of Light is a craftable item which spawns a Hallowed Mimic when placed in any slot of any empty Chest. The world must be in Hardmode and the only item inside the Chest must be a single Key of Light. The Hallowed Mimic is spawned as soon as the Chest is closed, consuming both the Key of Light and the Chest. May 16,  · Terraria Mimic Farm! Welcome to another episode of our Terraria Easy Farm Series! Today we’re looking at an easy to setup mimic farm! Mimics are hardmode ene.
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Switch will follow shortly afterwards. Stay up to date with console news here. Report mobile bugs here. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. How to farm for mimics? I’ve tried making farms I’ve found online, but the stupid things only seem to spawn mimics after sitting there for 20 minutes, holding a water candle and chugging battle potions non-stop.

I’ve only found 4 so far, and the fourth one was a hallowed mimic that was able to teleport into my afk volcano and slaughter me, rendering one of my farms completely useless for farming mimics. I can’t fill up all the empty space around my farms, my map seriously has more empty space than it does dirt. I would have to fill up my inventory with stacks upon stocks of dirt blocks just to fill up all the spaces in my caverns so I have a decent mimic farm.

Does it actually have to be in the caverns? Long ago before 1. Can an old farm like that still work??? I asked this on yahoo answers, but I still haven’t got a reply, and for some reason I can’t find a guide on this site on how to build a mimic farm that gives you 1. Maybe I’ll just go into the game right now and see if building an old mimic farm near the surface still works.

This is stupid. No matter where I dig down, I run into massive caverns that literally have no end. Normally I struggle to find such caverns, I have to tunnel everywhere just to find ore. I’ve gotten into the habit of rushing over to the jungle as soon as I can before I even start searching for ore because I rarely find caves, I have to dig from the surface and dig my way to every single ore pocket.

Now, I literally can’t find a spot underground that ISN’T massive empty space that makes it impossible to get a cross necklace. This is getting beyond stupid.

I can’t progress because I don’t have the items I need, and I can’t find freaking mimics at a decent rate so I can actually get the items I need. I mean, this isn’t even technically grinding. Its me just holding a water candle for hours on end praying to god that a stupid mimic will spawn, and that it won’t give me a third philosopher’s stone.

Kazzymodus Moderator Staff member. Why don’t you just try and find Mimics by means of moving about? Mimics don’t lend themselves well for the purpose of AFK farming without any traps or the like. SteveisNoob Pixel Pirate. If you have a Hellbridge you can try to obtain spider gear and then farm mimics in the Underworld. The only thing you should care about is standing on a place that about 40 blocks above the bridge so the Mimics can spawn, then your spiders slay them.

Or you can use Pirate Staff. Kazzymodus I’ve actually done that, run around my caverns in circles holding a water candle. I think I did stumble upon a corrupt mimic once, which of course slaughtered me. If it matters what equipment I’m using, an adamantite repeater with adamantite armor ranged helmet. With my accessories, my armor is 40 something. And I have a titanium sword. And yes, I have hp. I also tried the thing of falling down my hellevator with a hunter potion active, no luck. And as for my traps, one is an afk volcano with dart traps set up to talk up mimics it did get me one gold mimic when I first built it.

The other is just a long track I run along holding a water candle. That one got me two brown mimics. It hasn’t produced another one though for some reason. Maybe I’ll go and try to run around my caverns again. There really isn’t much in the way of flat ground for them to spawn on I have a lot of tall caverns with steep walls. Click to expand Spent probably an hour running around all the caverns I’ve exposed.

Found a frost mimic, and a gold mimic. Still don’t have my cross necklace though. Eventually, I got tired of hunting for mimics, so I got myself some battle potions, stood on the highest floating island I could, just to grind the wyvern. With all my jester arrows and my adamite repeater, I was able to kill it in seconds. Don’t know how many times I killed it. Got myself some wings now at least. I guess that’s progress. Still don’t know how long its going to make me to get my cross necklace.

And just so we know, I haven’t really been mining much. I found the hardmode ores so rare I gave up on it, and just fished for crates. That was so much more effecient. I actually crafted all my armor and my weapons with ore I fished for. Adamite didn’t even spawn in my world.

Ezel Official Terrarian. Maybe wait a bit for a Blood Moon or something that rapidly changes the mob spawn rate. When I had Blood Moons, I’ve got at least surface mimics during the night. Ezel said:. You can get mimics on the surface during a bloodmoon??? What about creating an artificial jungle biome. The highest spawn rate values are applied at jungle biomes.

Ironnically, my house is in the jungle. I originally built a little city for my npcs near the center of the map, because I never liked the apartment building look.

But I found this very difficult to defend during a bloodmoon, or a goblin invasion when either happened I would run off a good distance away to fight the mobs just to protect my npcs.

And besides, I wanted a demon alter in my crafting room so I spent hours building a brand new house in the jungle, and transferring my 3 dozen chests over there. Sadly though I don’t really have a good arena. When a bloodmoon came I would just run back over to the arena I was originally using, but that’s now being overtaken by the corruption. The hallow in the world actually cut right through a corruption area when it spawned, preventing it from spreading.

I had to make a small hallow biome just to keep the corruption from destroying my jungle my house is built out of mahogany. I also ended up making another larger hallow biome just so I could farm hallow mobs that’s how my more elaborate mimic farm got hallowed, I filled in the gaps with pearlsand since the entrance is right next to a desert.

As for the situation around my house, I built it into the side of a mountain I had to if I wanted that demon alter in my house. On the right side are huge pools that I fish in they’re natural, and I don’t see anyway I could drain them. To the left is a long field of shallow water, which leads to a corrupted area that’s separated from my jungle by a single hallowed chasm. That’s where I’ve been doing my goblin evasions, sadly though there’s a large track of land suspended in air above this area its a natural formation I turned into a mahogany farm , which kinda makes aerial mobs hard to kill.

Like I said, I would just run back to my original arena when a bloodmoon started, but now its completely corrupted, and the corruption is starting to spread through my original base too. And I did think about putting some jungle blocks rows of mud seeded with jungle grass in a space I had filled with pearlsand, to try and increase the spawn rate, but after getting owned by a hallowed mimic, I probably won’t be using that farm anytime soon. I was using it during a few bloodmoons, but since its in the caverns I don’t think I really got the benefit of it.

And as for my other farm, I think I’ll take some holy water and turn it into a crystal farm.