Minecraft pe 0.15.0.Update 0.15.0

Minecraft pe 0.15.0.Update 0.15.0


Minecraft pe 0.15.0


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Minecraft PE servers are listed here to help you find the best MCPE servers around. Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition apk apk Black files version aftpe Size is md5 is faaaa17ddaae24daa Minecraft: Pocket Edition v (MOD, Unlocked Premium Skins) Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.


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Minecraft PE servers are listed here to help you find the best MCPE servers around. Jun 13,  · Minecraft Pocket Edition is now available for Windows 10, iOS, Android, Fire OS and Windows Phone. Alpha , the first release of the Friendly Update, is an update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition which added pistons, along with other planned additions and changes. Oct 20,  · Mesaville map [Minecraft PE /] by Admin · Published 10/20/ · Updated 11/07/ Here you will find a variety of different structures. Probably, this is one of a wide variety of maps for MCPE Great palaces, apartment buildings, castles, air, and marine engineering, and so on. The author has spent about a year to build all.
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Horses are here. Let us guide you through the world of horses — where to find them, how to tame them, what to craft for them, and what to avoid. All of the features here, or almost all of them, are included in the up-to-date versions of Minecraft. Horses are a passive mob with a variety of functions in the randomly-generated world of Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Before continuing on, here are some of the benefits for keeping horses:. Horses can be armored, mounted, and used to cross great distances much faster than on foot.

They only need food to heal, and they can be easily penned or lead using some of the 0. Horses spawn naturally in the Plains and Savannah biomes. These are open, mostly flat biomes with easy sight-lines to spot wild horses. Horses can also be spawned in Creative Mode.

There are five types of horses;. Mules only appear if you breed one horse with one donkey. The foal will be a mule — a cute cross between the two species. Feed the wild horse food to speed up the process. A wild horse can only eat carrots, apples, sugar and other basic consumables. A tamed horse without a saddle wanders around, ignoring your button inputs and doing as it pleases.

Equipping a horse with a saddle allows you to control their movement while riding. Saddles cannot be crafted in Pocket Edition. They are found in structures, or through other means.

Here are all the places you can find saddles:. Now you can ride your horse — use the directional pad to steer. Nobody wants that. Lead your horses into a fenced yard — or just surround your horses with a fence.

Follow these schematics using a Crafting Bench to get your golden apple orchard going;. Once you have a foal, feed it to help it grow up faster. Wheat or hay bales will help you here, and both are very easy to acquire in the plains or Savannah. Get yourself some seeds and start planting to easily grow a wheat field that will keep your stable growing. There are four types of armor, each more powerful than the last; leather, iron, gold, and diamond. There is one type of armor you can craft yourself.

Leather Horse Armor is the weakest, but it still helps keep your trusty steed alive with a few extra hearts. Donkeys might seem lame compared to the majestic horse, but they have one feature that gives them a leg-up over the competition — treasure chests! You can equip a treasure chest to a donkey, giving it and you, by extension 15 extra item slots while on-the-move. No problem, right? The Name Tag item allows the player to name their pets. Just like saddles, Name Tags in Pocket Edition are totally randomly generated.

Approach an Anvil with the Name Tag in-hand and use it on the Anvil to open a special menu. It costs 1 XP. The name appears in white above the mob, kind of like another player. Handy for picking out your steed out of a stable. Another new Update 0. Follow this recipe to create a two leads for the price of one;. Now the horse will follow you wherever you go.

While leashed, you can tether a horse or any mob to a fence. Approach the fence and use the Lead to remove it from your hand, leashing the mob to the fence post and keeping them mostly in place. Beware, if you run too far ahead of your leashed horse, the Lead can break. This is another addition to Update 0.

Skeleton horses can be a real pain, so be prepared before approaching one of these spooky specters at night. That pretty much covers everything you need to know about Horses in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. What do you think of horses on Android? Breeding in iOS? Let us know in the comments! Sources: [ 1 ], [ 2 ]. June 15, Minecraft PE: 0.

More Minecraft: Pocket Edition — Update 0. Before continuing on, here are some of the benefits for keeping horses: Horses are faster and can jump higher than the player. Horses can even jump over fences. Horses can only be controlled after a saddle has been placed on a tamed horse. Donkeys can carry chests with 15 item slots. Mules can be created by breeding a Horse with a Donkey. Horses do not need to eat, except to regain health.

Where Do Horses Come From? This is the tricky part. Wait for hearts to appear over the horse. It will stop bucking and let you ride. Now the horse has been tamed. Now what? How to Breed Horses Everybody wants more horses.

Beware Skeleton Traps! It looks lonely, so you approach it. Get close, and a lightning bolt strikes the horse!